Priceless Gift Ideas For a Birthday

My five year old daughter had been excited about her birthday for months. After all, birthdays are monumentally important at these ages especially for little girls. Since she was excited about the latest Hannah Montana movie, I figured it would be exciting to throw her a Hannah party. Before I had a chance to speak to my daughter about the party the theme or guests, my teenager suggested a surprise birthday party. At first, I was skeptical throwing a surprise party for a five year old. But after my husband diplomatically ha d discussed surprises with her, we all agreed that we should give it a shot.

The theme was already decided, Hannah Montana birthday gift idea dad. A few other details needed tending to. Fortunately, I had time! I spent some time on the guest list. Finding Hannah Montana invitations was not a problem, keeping it from Kayla was another story.

Now that I had the guest list and the invitations were out, I spent some time on the menu. After all, I wanted to have something to please everyone! Now it was time for games and entertainment. While I was searching the internet for Hannah Montana entertainers, again my teenager came up with an idea. How about a beach party? Since the set of Hannah Montana’s sitcom is a beach at Malibu, I thought it might be fun! So, I set off surfing on internet to find some beach decorations. What fun!!! I was excited and hoped Kayla would be as excited.

I looked for party favor for kids and found some Hannah Montana beach balls that went well with my theme and I felt more appropriate for all children’s’ ages and both genders. Now that I was done with party favors, which in my mind was the hardest part, I needed to look for a gift for Kayla.

Again, I searched the internet for birthday gift ideas for kids. Buying birthday gifts for kids has always been a pleasure for me. But this time, I did not have a single idea. After days of searching and thinking, I still had not come up with anything. I wanted a something different and did not want to buy her something she needs but something she enjoys. To my rescue, this time my husband suggested a Hannah Montana related fan since she was such a big fan, Great idea, at least a good beginning.

Again, I set to search on internet, oh my! What did I do before the World Wide Web? I came up on a site that made birthday gift for kids in the form of a basket. I had it! A Hannah Montana birthday gift basket. After spending a little time on line, I found out I could make a unique gift basket, one where I would determine the contents of the basket. Now I was in heaven. I went through and picked the items that she did not already have and she would love to have and enjoy. Oh what a pleasure it is to buy a loved one something you know they love. I could just imagine her face when she opened it. I had the gift sent to my husband’s office to ensure the surprise.

Kayla had a play date with my nieces on the day of her party. It gave us the time and the freedom to plan and do everything. Once she walked into the house, that evening, she was almost in tears. The party was a complete hit. The kids had a great time. But my favorite time of the night was when she opened her Hannah Montana theme gift basket. This ultimate birthday gift for kids was the highlight of the evening for me. It was exactly what I had wanted. Something unusual, and fun. The look on Kayla’s face is etched in my memory fo